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 Welcome to the  Flathead Fish and Seafood Fresh Fish Alert.  Order online by 6 PM on Sundays. Your order will be ready for you to pick up at our fish market at 3820 MT Hwy 40. We will be open from 12-6PM Wed.-Fri. for fresh seafood and Mon. - Friday from 12-6PM for frozen and other items. Special pick ups may be arranged. There will also be in store bonus fish available on a first come first serve basis. Thanks Rick and Max. 

Fresh 1 Pound Totten Inlet Mussels
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You get 1 pound of Totten Inlet Mussels for $6.50. These mussels have been very good over the course of the summer and will only get better as water temperatures on the west coast get colder.
Fresh 6oz. - 8oz. Alaska Halibut Fillet
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You get 6oz-8oz fresh Alaska Halibut Fillet for $12.95. The end of the Alaska Halibut season is getting closer! We should be in good supply for the next few weeks, get your halibut while you can.
Fresh 6oz. - 8oz. Columbia River King Salmon Fillet
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You get 6oz. to 8oz. of fresh Columbia River King Salmon Fillet for $9.95. These Fish have been looking great the past few weeks, nice skin color with good red meat.
Fresh 6oz. - 8oz. Hawaii Opah Fillet
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You get 6oz.-8oz. of Hawaii Opah Fillet for $8.95. Also known as Moonfish, opah is great on the grill or baked in the oven.

Flathead Fish And Seafood Co
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